an Electronic Catalogue of Aftermarket Auto Electrical Parts.

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The Electrolog is a subscription based electronic catalogue covering all auto electrical units, parts, accessories and components. Updates are released periodically with additions, new ranges and amendments. Information is added from various leaders in the industry and from the community of subscribers who contribute to its growth and development by forwarding information on products they are exposed to in the market.

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All Auto Electrical items covered in the electrolog have comprehensive, detailed and technical information wherever possible.

In each item you can find:

  • Detailed Description and Information
  • Multiple Images
  • Vehicle Applications
  • Engine Types
  • Supplier Numbers
  • Specifications
  • Measurements
  • Sub-Components
  • Alternatives
  • Comparisons
  • Local Suppliers

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spec diagrams

Wherever possible and necessary, accompanying all detailed information, measurements and specifications on an item, there is a specification diagram, with a key, to make viewing of all the information easy to understand.

  • Spec Diagrams and Measurements for almost everything

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auto electrical parts

Auto Electrical Parts and Accessories comprehensively covered are:

  • Accessories and Parts including: Globes, Lighting (tail, head, strobe, truck, LED, etc), Fuses and Holders, Relays, Flasher Units, Cable, Tools, Hooters, Back-up Alarms, Plugs, Connectors, Ignition Coils, Ignition Modules, Distributors, Circuit Breakers, Gauges, Glow Plugs, Senders, Sensors, all kinds of Switches, Fans, Sleeving, Bearings, Distributors, Wiper Motors, Auxiliary Solenoids, Test Equipment and a lot more....
  • Also covers: Timing, Fan and Poly-V Belts, Steering and Suspension, Tie Rod Ends, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Automotive Batteries, Radiator Hoses and Water Pumps
  • More ranges and Suppliers are being added with every update…

Covers the likes of:

Acot500, Bosch, Britax, Cargo, Cole Hersee, Delphi, Ecco, Preco, Hella, Murphy, VDO, WAI, Unipower, Unipoint, Ocap, Osram, Philips, Target Tech, Valeo, South African and other International Suppliers, etc.

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starters and alternators

Rotating Electrical is extensively covered in the electrolog. It covers all starters and starter components, alternators and alternator components as well as various motors, generators and steering motors. From a unit you can view its sub-components and from a sub-component you can view which units it fits.

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other services

Other Services include:

  • Customised on-line and hardcopy catalogues for advertisers in the Electrolog.
  • Catalogue Application Development, ERP integration and implementation.
  • Specialising in all component and auto industry cataloguing solutions.

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