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The Electrolog is a subscription based online electronic catalogue covering all auto electrical units, parts, accessories and components. Updates are done daily with the addition of new items, new ranges and amendments to existing items. Information is added from various leaders in the industry and from the community of subscribers who contribute to its growth and development by forwarding information on products they are exposed to in the market.

Identifying a need in the Auto Electrical Industry Aftermarket, for a medium with which ALL could communicate clearly and concisely their requirements for parts, resulted in the conception of' Electrolog in 2000...

Our Vision was to create a communication medium between users, manufacturers, buyers, and suppliers at all levels in the Auto Electrical Industry’s aftermarket, be they at the workshop level, wholesale, retail, importing or even at the manufacturer level of the Industry, using one unique number, the Electrolog Number. This results in efficient and effective communication and processing of accurate orders, resulting in the supply of parts correctly the first time. Thereby, cutting down on the time and cost of sending items as per sample, having lengthy telephone calls trying to explain the part or wrongly ordering or supplying parts which then need to be sent back, re-ordered or re-supplied.

The Electrolog Subscription includes: 2 Online Users, live updates and telephonic support. There is also a built in tutorial that assists beginners in getting to know how the Electrolog works. Its so easy to use, they probably won’t need it.
We now also have an online tutorial on YouTube :-)

Customisation and Personalised Cataloguing: The Electrolog Online Platform, using Bluehook Technology, can be customised for use in any component or parts cataloguing solution. This cost effective and versatile platform offers solutions to all Softcopy requirements. The softcopy versions are also easily converted into a Hardcopy or PDF for fast and up to date Catalogue Generation. This enables us to offer an all-round efficient and effective cataloguing solution....

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Electrolog Subscription
Subscribe to Electrolog's Online Catalogue to have access to all the products, detailed information and suppliers of the Auto Electrical Parts you need.
Advertising in Electrolog
Advertise your products in Electrolog to all our users. The fastest way to creating awareness of your company and products in the Industry.
Online Webshops
Customized online Catalogues linked to your ERP system.
Hardcopy / PDF Catalogues
Customised catalogues of your product in PDF format.
For Soft- and/or Hard-Copy Catalogue Generation.